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Bogner Amplification
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 Bogner Amps
 Product Code  Description
BAATMA18-HD Bogner Atma 18 Watt Head
BABAR40-HD Bogner Barcelona 40 watt Head
BABAR-C112 Bogner Barcelona 1 x 12 Combo
BADU-HD Bogner Duende 12/24 watt Head
BADU-C112 Bogner Duende 12/24 1 x 12 Combo
BADU-C212 Bogner Duende 12/24 2 x 12 Combo
BAECS-HD Bogner Ecstasy Head
BAECS20-HD Bogner Ecstasy 20th Anniversaty Head
BAGLDF45-HD Bogner Goldfinger 45 Watt Head
BAGLDF90-HD Bogner Goldfinger 90 Watt Head
BAGLDF-C112 Bogner Goldfinger 1 x 12 Combo
BAHEL50-HD Bogner Helios 50 Watt Head
BAHEL100-HD Bogner Helios 100 Watt Head
BANY12-HD Bogner New Yorker 12 Watt Head
BANY-C112 Bogner New Yorker 1 x 12 Combo
BASH6L6-HD Bogner Shiva 6L6 80 Watt Head
BASHEL34-HD Bogner Shiva EL34 80 Watt Head
BASH20A-HD Bogner Shiva 20th Anniversary 90 Watt Head
BASH-C112 Bogner Shiva 1 x 12 Closed Ported Combo
BASH-C212 Bogner Shiva 2 x 12 Combo
BATJ-HD Bogner Twin Jet Head
BAUB-HD Bogner Uberschall Head
 Bogner Speaker Cabinets
 Product Code  Description
BASP112OAT Bogner Atma 1 x 12 Open Aluminium Speaker Cabinet
BASP112CP Bogner Closed ported Cube
BASP112CPS Bogner Closed ported Cube - Compliments Shiva
BASP112OTDB Bogner Open Tall - Compliments Duende & Barcelona
BASP112OGF Bogner Open - Compliments Goldfinger
BASP112OAT Bogner Open Aliminium - Compliments Atma
BASP112OTP Bogner Open Tall Pine with floating baffle
BASP112OLP Bogner Open low Pine with floating baffle
BASP212C Bogner Closed oversized 212
BASP212CH Bogner Closed oversized - Compliments Helios
BASP212OP Bogner Open panel set for BASP212C
BASP212O Bogner Open Oversized
BASP212OSDB Bogner Open - Compliments Shiva, Duende & Barcelona
BASP212OGF Bogner Open - Compliments Goldfinger
BASP212CB Bogner Closed bottom Stack cabinet
BASP212CBV Bogner Closed Vertical of the BASP212CB
BASP410O Bogner 410 Open
BASP412O Bogner 412 Open
BASP412ST Bogner 412 Straight
BASP412STH Bogner 412 Straight - Compliments Helios
BASP412SL Bogner 412 Slant
BASP412SLH Bogner 412 Slant - Cimpliments Helios
BASP412STU Bogner 412 Front loaded Ubershall Speaker cabinet
 Bogner Custom Colours - Available all models
 Product Code  Description
BACC Bogner Custom Colour option per product
BATTCCOS Bogner Two Tone Custom Colour Overlap style
BATTCCPS Bogner Two Tone Custom Colour Piping style