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Lock-It Straps
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 Product Code  Description
Professional Gig Series
LIS 001 P2-BLK Lock-it-straps 2'' Black Poly, Black ends
LIS 001 P2-RED Lock-it-straps 2'' Black Poly, Red ends
LIS 001 P2-PB Lock-it-straps 2'' Pacific blue Poly Black ends
LIS 001 P2-NB Lock-it-straps 2'' Navy poly blue Black ends
LIS 005 P2-WHT Lock-it-straps 2'' White poly black ends
LIS 006 P2-BR/BR Lock-it-straps 2'' Brown poly black ends
LIS 007 P2-HG/BR Lock-it-straps 2'' Hunter green poly brown ends
LIS 009 P2-SLCHK Lock-it-straps 2'' Silver checker poly black ends
LIS 010 P2-PRCHK Lock-it-straps 2'' Purple checker poly black ends
LIS 012 P3-BLK Lock-it-Straps 3'' Black poly black ends
Cotton Series
LIS 013 C2-BLK Lock-it-Straps 2'' Black cotton black ends
LIS 014 C2-WHT Lock-it-Straps 2'' White cotton Black ends
Casino Lounge Series
LIS 019 CV2-RED Lock-it-Straps 2'' Red crushed velvet
LIS 020 CV2-BLU Lock-it-Straps 2'' Blue crushed velvet
Glitter Series
LIS 022 GL2-GOLD Lock-it-Straps 2'' Gold glitter
LIS 023 GL2-SLV Lock-it-Straps 2'' Silver glitter
LIS 024 GL2-HP Lock-it-Straps 2'' Hot pink glitter
Vintage Series
LIS 027 VS-PER Lock-it-Straps 2'' Vintage Series Persian Red/Tan/Black woven strap
LIS 031 BM-1 Lock-It Straps Bob Masse Blue Journey
LIS 032 BM-2 Lock-It Straps Bob Masse Purple Flowers
LIS 033 BM-3 Lock-It Straps Bob Masse Green Lizard
LIS 034 BM-4 Lock-It Straps Bob Masse Mythical Swords
LIS 035 BM-5 Lock-It Straps Bob Masse Summer of love
LIS 036 BM-6 Lock-It Straps Bob Masse Harvest Twist
LIS 037 BM-7 Lock-It Straps Bob Masse Red Thistles
Retro Series
LIS 61 MT Lock-It Straps Retro Moroccan Twist
LIS 62 BC Lock-It Straps Retro Blue Twist
LIS 63 CB Lock-It Straps Retro Chestnut Bay
LIS 64 LC Lock-It Straps Retro Lemon Chill
LIS 65 PR Lock-It Straps Retro Persian
LIS 66 SO Lock-It Straps Retro Sojourner
LIS 67 ML Lock-It Straps Retro Minstrel
LIS 68 TR Lock-It Straps Retro Troubadour
LIS 69 MR Lock-It Straps Retro Mariner
LIS 70 CC Lock-It Straps Retro Carbon Canyon
LIS 71 EI Lock-It Straps Retro Emerald Isle
LIS 72 DR Lock-It Straps Retro Defender

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