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 Product Code  Description
MAXAD10 Maxon Compact Series AD10 Analog Delay
MAXASC10 Maxon Compact Series ASC10 Ambient Chorus
MAXAD9PRO Maxon 9 Series Analog Delay Pro Pedal
MAXAD999 Maxon Vintage Analog Delay Pedal
MAXCP9PRO+ Maxon 9 Series Compressor CP-9 Pro +
MAXCP101 Maxon Reissue Series Compressor
MAXCS9 Maxon 9 Series Stereo Chorus Pro
MAXD&SII Maxon Reissue Series Distortion & Sustainer II
MAXDB10 Maxon Compact Series Effects Dual Booster
MAXFA10 Maxon Fuzz Elements - Air FA10
MAXFE10 Maxon Fuzz Elements - Ether FE10
MAXFEA10 Maxon Fuzz Elements - Earth FEA10
MAXFL9 Maxon 9 Series Flanger
MAXFV10 Maxon Fuzz Elements - Void FV10
MAXFW10 Maxon Fuzz Elements - Wind FW10
MAXGE601 Maxon Reissue Series Graphic Equalizer
MAXOD9 Maxon 9 Series Overdrive Pedal
MAXOD9PRO+ Maxon 9 Series Overdrive Pro
MAXOD808 Maxon Reissue Series Overdrive Pedal
MAXOD808X Maxon Compact Series Overdrive Pedal
MAXOD820 Maxon Vintage Series Overdrive Pro Pedal
MAXOOD9 Maxon 9 Series Organic Overdrive
MAXOSD9 Maxon 9 Series Overdrive-Soft Distortion
MAXPT999 Maxon reissue Phase Tone Pedal
MAXSD9 Maxon 9 Series Sonic Distortion Pedal
MAXST9PRO+ Maxon 9 Series Super Tube Pro Plus
MAXVJR9 Maxon 9 Series Vintage Jet Riser Vintage Flanger
MAXVOP9 Maxon 9 Series Vintage Overdrive Pro